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Chapter 20

It had been a week since anyone had seen Eugene.  He was refusing to come out of his room.  The only person he would see was Rapunzel.
Rapunzel was standing in the doorway of their rooms, talking with her parents about Eugene’s condition.
“The poor dear,” Isabelle sighed.  “I do hope he comes out of this.”
“Yes,” Nicolas agreed.  “Especially with him being his usual self again.”
“Well, he’s still not completely back,” Rapunzel told them, “but he’s getting there.”
“We all know that as long as he has you, sweetie, he’ll be fine.”
The king and queen excused themselves and left Rapunzel to tend to her husband.  She closed the door and sighed.  She looked across the room to the bed, where Eugene was sitting under the blankets, completely ashamed of himself.  She could still hear him muttering.
“I am a despicable human being.  How could I possibly forget Rapunzel?”
Rapunzel rolled her eyes and strolled over to the bed.
“Eugene, when are you going to come out from under there?”
Never!  I’m never showing my face to the world ever again!”
“Aren’t you being just a little ridiculous?”
“No!  I am reacting perfectly normal under the circumstances!”  He paused in his moping.  “I forgot my own wife!” he sobbed.  Rapunzel moaned.
“No!  You’re not allowed to comfort me!  I don’t deserve that sort of kindness.  I’m dirt, worse than dirt.”
“Eugene, you’ve been moping for a week, get over it.  You don’t even remember losing your memory.”
“That’s the worst part!  I don’t even know what I did to you, but I know it was horrible, because Flynn is horrible.  I’m a terrible husband.”  Rapunzel groaned as she rubbed her eyes.
“Flynn is, was… is… not a terrible person.”  Rapunzel said as she sat on the edge of the bed.  Come on, Eugene, I’m getting pretty tired of this pity party for yourself,”
“There’s no way to make amends,” Eugene muttered.  Rapunzel glared at his form under the sheets.  She had her husband back, but he was being completely ridiculous, childish even, exaggerating everything out of proportion.
Eugene had been told he’d lost his memories from a bump to the head.  He was also told of his little romp through the village and all the various excursions to regain his memories (he was glad he didn’t remember being launched in the air for a second time) and then how he finally became himself again when he knocked his head again.  Rapunzel had not told him about him telling her to forget him, or her trying to seduce him.  She knew the topics would just upset him, and he was already inconsolable.
Rapunzel put her hand on Eugene.
“Eugene, what point is there in dwelling on this?  You don’t remember any of it, and what you did while you weren’t yourself, it doesn’t matter now.”
“But, Rapunzel, you remember what I did.”  Eugene sat up and poked his head from under the blankets.  He looked at her sternly.  “Look me in the eye and tell me that I did nothing and said nothing that bothered you.”  
“Uh…”  Rapunzel paused for too long.
“See!”  Eugene threw the blankets back over himself.  “I am a despicable human being.”
“Eugene, listen to me, even with your memories gone, you still fell in love me, and that’s all that matters to me.”  Eugene said nothing to this.  “Now, come out from under the blankets.”  Rapunzel tried to rip them away.
“Come out!”
“Stop it!”  The two struggled with the sheets, tangling themselves.  They got so wrapped up, the two of them couldn’t get free and they rolled off the bed.
“Ha, I managed to get you out of bed,” Rapunzel said triumphantly as she tried to undo the knotted up sheets.
“I don’t think tossing me out of the bed counts.”  Eugene sat up and took the sheets to wrap back around himself.  Rapunzel grabbed at them and the two started their struggle again.  This time, however, Eugene decided to play dirty.  He grabbed at her and tickled her sides.  She jerked away from him, laughing.
“Eugene, stop that.”  He didn’t and then began to kiss her, still playing with her.
Ah, this was Eugene, always ready to be mischievous.  She looked up at him, ready to taunt him back, but her thoughts caught for a second.  Eugene was looking at her funny.  
“What?”  He said nothing, only continued his strange stare.  She grew uncomfortable and shifted to sit up.  He let her.  “Eugene, what is it?”  She took his hand.  He took the other one.
“Rapunzel, I’m tired of it being just us.”  He smiled.  “Let’s have kids.”
It took a moment for this to settle in Rapunzel’s brain.  Her hands flew to her mouth to hide her broad smile.
“Eugene, are you serious?”
“Yes, I am.”
“But, you said you wanted time for us.”
“Yeah, but, when you told me about the kids from the orphanage, when they came to visit me, I realized how, for a long time actually, that I’ve been meaning to bring this up to you.  I guess I was just scared.”
“Scared?  Of what?”
“I don’t know.”  Eugene looked away.  “Of us, changing, I guess.  Of our feelings changing for each other.  Kids can change a lot of the dynamics of a relationship.  But when you told me that I’d forgotten about you, about us… I realized that there would be nothing worse than loosing you and never having the chance to have a family with you.”
Rapunzel didn’t know what to say.  She had no idea that Eugene had been thinking about kids.  She herself hadn’t even given a thought to them in awhile.  She had the children at the orphanage.  Yet, the idea of her own child, a person so small and cute.  Maybe they would have his eyes and his smile. She’d like that.  Rapunzel smiled again.
“Of course we can have kids!”  Rapunzel flung her arms around Eugene’s neck.  She squeezed him as tight as she could, and the way he hugged her back, it was such a secure and familiar feeling.
Suddenly, Rapunzel felt Eugene’s hand going at the lacing of her dress.  She pulled away from him.
“You want to start now?”  He flashed his famous grin at her.
“It’s as good of a time as any.”  He kissed her gently and Rapunzel just let him finish undoing the lacing.
And here we are at the end.

Tangled belongs to Disney
LordElthibar Featured By Owner May 23, 2014
Brutus: Well this looks promising!
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Brutus: At least you are your protective self again!
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This was a good story....I am glad that you were able to finish it cause I was dying to know if Eugene would get his memory back...Great job 
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