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November 28, 2013


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Chapter 16

Flynn was going to great lengths to avoid Rapunzel.  He responded to none of her messages to see her and when they did bump into each other in the corridors, Flynn quickly left without a word.  The king and queen suspected that something had happened to them at the tower; they of course never suspected that Rapunzel had tried to seduce him.  But what Flynn found so disgusting about the whole situation was that he nearly took the princess’ offer.  Him, Flynn Rider ready to defile a princess.  No, not a princess, a woman who was not his, who would never be his.
Rapunzel had been so earnest in her desires and that scared Flynn for some reason.  It scared him to think that someone could care so much for a wretch like him.  There were reasons why Flynn Rider was a loner.  Half of it was personal, but the other half was because Flynn didn’t want to have someone to hurt.  Relationships and bonds inevitably meant pain: pain of betrayal, pain of loss, and a boy named Eugene Fitzherbert never wanted a chance to hurt anyone.
After a few days, Rapunzel stopped calling on him.  He heard the servants whispering about her, how despondent and unenthusiastic she was.  The usual glow she had, they said, was gone, and her eyes were muddled with some foreign and deep despair.  Everyone suspected it was because Sir Eugene’s memories still were not back.  It had been a whole week and no progress had been reported.
Flynn could not stand hearing the maids and guards talking about him, or how upset Rapunzel was.  He hid out in secluded spaces, purposely avoiding any high areas, just in case the princess did come looking for him.  He did not want to see her.  The night he almost… it still burned in his mind, haunting him, reminding him why he said he would never fall in love.
Had he?  Had Flynn Rider fallen in love?  He thought about the princess constantly, about her soft skin, and freckled nose, and those damn bright green eyes.  But if he was in love, why did his chest hurt so much?  Why could he not think about the princess without his eyes stinging?  If Flynn was in love, then why did he hurt so much?
Even if he were in love, he could still never clear from his head that Princess Rapunzel had already had one wedding, even if it was to him.  Her husband was another man.  He was not Eugene Fitzherbert and he would never be Eugene Fitzherbert, at least not the one she knew.
It wasn’t just Rapunzel that the palace had noticed was depressed.  The swagger that “Flynn Rider” had had when he first “arrived” was entirely gone when he did grace the halls with his presence, which was very seldom.  He used to walk tall and straight, proud and sure of himself in everything he’d ever done and did, both as Flynn and Eugene.  They were one in the same, as far as the palace residents thought.  But this person now, who walked with shuffling feet and slumped shoulders, was a sad figure to be pitied.  His flashy grin had not been seen in days and the palace was realizing just how much they truly valued Eugene.  He had become such an important part of everyday life, in the palace and in the village.  Everyone was worried, and everyone felt that there was nothing they could do.
As distraught as she was, Rapunzel still wanted to see Eugene.  After her attempted seduction, she felt absolutely horrible.  She knew that she was Eugene’s weakness and she tried to use that to her advantage.  What sort of person did that make her?  What sort of wife did that make her?  
According to the rumors of the castle staff, Eugene was like a living ghost.  When he did leave his room, he would wander the halls, uninterested in everything.  He wouldn’t smile or even manage a hello.
Love wasn’t supposed to hurt this much.  Love was supposed to be bliss and ecstasy, and love wasn’t lonely.  Even if Pascal was doing his best to cheer her up, Rapunzel had never felt so lonely, even when she was living in the tower.  When her mother would leave her alone, she always knew she would come back, but this time, Rapunzel didn’t know if Eugene was ever going to come back.
She had to see him again; she had to talk to him.  The way things were, if she waited any longer, the two of them might not be able to repair their relationship at all, and maybe the two of them could restart it.
Just like the last time she went to see him, it was night, but Rapunzel had made sure to look as fully dressed as possible.  She went at such a late hour because she did not want anyone to see her.  This was a matter between her and her husband and she did not want it to turn into gossip.
His door might as well have been made of iron.  Rapunzel stared at it, wondering if it really was the right thing to knock and try to talk to him.  Would he want to?  Did he even want to see her again?  Ever since “Flynn” had shown up, Eugene’s emotions were everywhere and she could not predict what he would do.
Rapunzel breathed in deeply.  She needed to speak with her husband.  She lifted up her hand and slowly curled her fingers to gently knock, but a voice behind her stopped her.
Rapunzel jumped about twenty feet and spun on her heel, wondering if she needed her frying pan.
It was Flynn.  He was looking at her, actually looking at her, and she looked back, looked at him and saw just how horrible he looked.  Dark bags sat grotesquely under his eyes, red rimming them.  Rapunzel wondered if he’d had any sleep in the last few days.  She knew she had not had much; she was sure he was the same.
“You scared me, Flynn.”
“Sorry.  Thief.  Force of habit.  What are you doing here, princess?”
“I’m not ‘princess,’ I’m your wife!  Please, call me Rapunzel.”
“What are you doing here?” he asked again.
Rapunzel resisted the urge to sigh.  “I’m here to apologize for… what I did, for… scaring you, or however way I made you feel.”
“Princess, you have nothing to apologize for.”  Rapunzel looked at Flynn, utterly surprised.  “I’m the one who is despicable.”
“No, you’re no-“
“Yes, I am.  I should have never touched you.  I shouldn’t even be talking to you.”
“Eugene…”  Rapunzel extended her hand to him, but he stepped past her to his door.
 “Princess, no matter what you tell me, no matter what you do, no matter what you try, I am never going to be Eugene again.  I am never going to remember what we had together and I’m never going to be your husband again.  And there’s nothing I can do to change that.  So, please, it’s best if we both stop, before something truly terrible occurs.”  Flynn didn’t even look at her as he spoke.  He opened his door and closed it without another word, leaving Rapunzel alone to hear him lock it.
Happy Thanksgiving!  Let's celebrate with a new chapter!

Oh, and by the way, I had not initially intended for this fic to be turning so....soapy.... but it pulled me this way....

Tangled belongs to Disney
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Averagejoeguy2 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2013
Dude, Eugene... have some hope...even Flynn Rider tries to find the solution...right?
LordElthibar Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2013
Elthibar: Eugene, you are hurting her right now! Do you hear me! What is the point if all I have known to become reformed and good is all but a lie. *draws knife* Should I end it now? *tears fall from eyes* (The end will determine if Elthibar takes his own life or not)
LordElthibar Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2013

Elthibar: Rapunzel, Eugene, I'm also sorry for the both of you for the fit I threw. I just hope Brutus also accepts my appologies. *heads over to Brutus' house in the city, knocks to no answer but hears an object fall over, knocks again and hears a crash, walks in cautiously*

Elthibar: Brutus are you...?

Brutus: No! I'm not alright you Godless son of a bi$&#! Over all the years, you were there for me, and most people have come to know God and in a land where crime was eradicated, I was hoping and thinking that God did care after all! I believed in you but now in this hour of crisis you drove Rapunzel to do what she did! You did you Godless ba%$*rd!! Why do you do this to me as well as Eugene and Rapunzel you Godless, stupid, ignorant ba&%$#@, son of a bi&%$!! *knocks over more things in his house*

Elthibar: Brutus, *holds Brutus still* I'm sorry. I'm not God, I'm but a mere mortal human with flaws, like you, like Eugene, like Rapunzel. *hugs Brutus as Brutus hugs back and weeps* I understand if you never want to talk to me again but don't let that stop you from trying to learn more about God. And don't blame Him like I did.


(P.S. This reminds me alot of a youtube video series in which a friend of mine from Canada and I did where Eugene and Elthibar both lose their memories but they lose their human forms as well, temporarilly. Afterwards, I did a fanfiction on where Elthibar, who is married to Merida from Brave, is suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and every third night he pushes everyone away and wishes he were dead. By the way, why did you have to make this so depressing?)

TangledxEpicFan Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2013  Student General Artist
OMG! This can't be happening?! Oh gosh I feel so sorry for both of them! How will they ever go on from here? I'm sure Rapunzel is feeling totally crushed and heartbroken by this. I'm sure she feeling that Eugene has died all over again, but this time is thinking he never come back.:( I'm sure if Eugene was real honest with himself I'm sure he exact ally feeling what Rapunzel feeling,I'm sure he feels he lost everything.:( 

It seems all hope for Eugene regaling his memory is lost forever! How will anybody  espically Rapunzel and Eugene recover this horrible nightmare?! Oh please there has to be something? Please don't split these two up! Gosh I'm almost in tears now! Please let them have their happy ending they deserve, they been through enough heartache,how much more do they have to suffer? Sorry I can't help it I love these two! I can't stand my favorites to go through so much grief!:(
f4113n-4ng31-0f-r4in Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2013
I won't confirm nor deny more heart ache, but girl, when have I let you down?
TangledxEpicFan Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2013  Student General Artist
I know,I just couldn't help it. I get emotional sometimes when I read some of these stories. Anyways I look forward to reading more of this though I might want to have tissues just incase! Anyways it's been a while since I read some Tangled stories as I been following in the "Epic" fandom lately. I'm still Tangled nut,I just have another favorite along with Tangled.

Oh you probably noticed my new username, it's TangledXEpicFan now. Oh I also changed my username on too! On that site it used to be PocahontasJohnSmithForever but now it's TangledEpicForever.Its still me I just changed my user name to fit my current fandoms.
f4113n-4ng31-0f-r4in Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2013
Ah,ok I was wondering about that
TangledxEpicFan Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2013  Student General Artist
Yeah sorry I just get emotional when I read stories like this. Tangled is not the only one I do that with,I do that with my other fandoms too!
f4113n-4ng31-0f-r4in Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2013
TangledxEpicFan Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2013  Student General Artist
Anyways I look forward to your update whenever it might be.
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